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DMV Sticker Renewal with Emissions Test, Brake Pad Installation, or Both at Emission Time (Up to 51% Off)

Summer is a great time to drive your car because you can enjoy the experience of driving with the windows down and have the wind blow in your face as you drive down the highway or freeway. The weather is also great for driving, and you can usually find amazing places to drive to. That being said, one part of summer you probably don’t look forward to is the need to get your safety and emissions inspections completed in time to renew your vehicle’s registration with the DMV. Thankfully, Emission Time is here to step in and help you out by giving you the best deal you’ll be able to find anywhere in Salt Lake City or Sandy.

Emission Time has a current Summer 2016 Special for smog check and brake pads available to our customers. There are two package options to save you your hard earned money on automotive maintenance and emissions inspections.

You can take advantage of this incredible offer by taking the time to visit our Groupon page:

We want to make sure you continue to receive the best in value from one of Utah’s best safety and emission inspection stations, and one that is fully qualified to help you renew your vehicle registration so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of going in to the DMV. The best part is that by avoiding the hassle of the DMV you’ll be able to save a significant amount of time and be back out on the road enjoying the summer with your friends and family, the way you should be, instead of dealing with the bureaucracy of making sure your vehicle meets all the requirements placed on it by the law.