Auto Maintenance Services

Not only do we have two inspection locations at our Salt Lake City & Sandy shops, but Emission Time does auto engine tune-ups:

  •  Emission & Inspection
  •  On the Spot DMV Sticker Renewal
  •  Express Oil Change
  •  Brake Repair
  •  Windshield Replacement
  •  Headlight Restoration
  •  Engine Flush
  •  Belts Replacement
  •  Rock Chip Repair

Emission & Safety Inspection

Not sure if your vehicle needs emission testing, safety inspection, or both? Go to Utah’s DMV page for more information: Utah DMV Inspection Guidelines

We test over 1000 cars EACH MONTH! Our friendly team will test and inspect your car that won’t have time to finish reading the short article you started in our waiting room! As much as we love you, we want to keep your stay with us as short as possible. In most cases you’ll be done and out of our store within 20 minutes of your arrival.

Free Brake Inspection | Brake Pad Replacement

So, when should you change your brake pads? Allstate insurance offers these guidelines for brake maintenance: Allstate insurance brake tips. Our expert team member will take it apart, then will invite you into our shop area and will let you see for yourself the condition of your brakes.  They will explain to you why you do or don’t need to worry about your brakes right now.

The Great Brake Pad Warranty Gimmick!  So if you are comparing prices and you come across “Lifetime Warranty” tacked onto quote, here is a little tip for you; it is most likely a total gimmick.  Pads wear out no matter what.  Some pads last longer but less braking power, some last less with more braking power, but all pads wear eventually!  So how can they promise you lifetime warranty?  Well, they promise warranty on pads (and they use the cheapest one available) but they don’t warranty the labor.  So you go back for a new set of pads, sure, they will give you a new set, but you still have to pay them another labor cost usually around $70.  And by then, the cheap hard pads they had installed have probably fried your rotor and now you have to buy a set of rotors too, or they won’t warranty the work!  Get it?

We don’t have phony lifetime warranty.  We have a real and honest 1 year/12,000 miles parts and labor warranty.

Oil Change

Yes, we do oil changes!  Your oil change includes draining the old nasty oil and replacing it with fresh, high viscosity and high quality Synthetic-Blend quality oil.  Full Synthetic oil is also available upon request, or if the vehicle manufacturer requires it.  Our expert team will then proceed to perform a 40 point inspection of your vehicle, checking on components such as Engine Air Filter, Differential oil, brake and power steering fluids, windshield washer fluid top off, etc.

Environmentally friendly headlight restoration

Are your headlights discolored?  Do they seem to lack the shine they once had?  Before you purchase an expensive replacement, try getting your headlights restored.  Dealer replacement lenses can cost up to $900 per headlight.  But we can restore your headlights to near-new condition for a fraction of the cost, only $49.99 while you wait.