Utah DMV 2018 Emission Inspection Requirements

Vehicle Model Year Emission Inspection
2021 Not Required
2020 Required
2019 Not Required
2018 Required
2017 Not Required
2016 Required
2015 to 1968 Required
1967 and older Not required

How does the On The Spot Renewal work?

It is simple!  After we are done with inspections we will process a transaction through a website provided by the DMV for stations such as us.  This transaction is to pay for your annual taxes and fees due for sticker renewal.  We will use your credit/debit card to process the transaction.  We stock the new stickers on premises.  Once the transaction is completed, you’ll leave our store with new stickers in hand.  Just stick it on your license plate you’re done!  No need to visit or send anything to the DMV.

How long do the tests take?

To perform both emission and safety inspection takes about 10-20 minutes depending on the age and the condition of the vehicle.

Do I have to pay even if my car fails any of the test? 

Yes, but you get a free emission retest within 30 days and free safety re-inspection within 15 days. If you would like to receive a waiver or need financial assistance through Vehicle Repair Assistance Program (VRAP), visit Salt Lake County Health Emissions website.

What do I need to bring in?

Bring your registration or your renewal packet that you got in the mail.  If you just bought the vehicle, bring your title or temporary registration.

Do you accept competitor coupons?

We do up to $5. However, Emission Time regularly posts coupons on our coupon page and Groupon.

Where can I see the rules and regulations for the safety inspection program?

The safety inspection manual is available online to the public.

How are Diesel inspections conducted?

Diesel vehicles years 1998 and newer light and medium duty diesel vehicles (under 14,000 lbs. GVWR) are subject to a different emissions test known as OBD ll inspection. For more information, visit: Salt Lake County Health.

When is my vehicle required to get an emissions test in Salt Lake County?

According to the Salt Lake Health Department,  vehicles that are older than six years are required to get an annual emission test prior to registration. Vehicles less than six years years old require emissions testing every other year prior to registration. You may get your emissions tested up to two months before your DMV renewal. However, not all vehicles require emissions testing such as farm vehicles and vehicles older than 1968.