Oil Changes In Salt Lake & Sandy

Oil Change Salt Lake City and Sandy, Utah

Do you need an oil change?  Every vehicle comes with different factory recommendations for oil changes, but you’re one to push the limit. You trust your ride, and it’s gotten you through epic road trips and rush hour traffic well beyond the 3,000 mile oil change mark. Now it’s a mission. You’re going to find out exactly how long you can go. After all, frequent oil changes are just a gimmick, right? Wrong. Just because your car is still moving doesn’t mean it’s not breaking down.

Whether you’re a stickler for getting a change every three months or it’s been more years than you’d like to admit, Emission Time will take care of you. The oil in your car is kind of like your own circulatory system. To function best, you need to give it the “right†things, which means a quality oil that’s designed for your specific vehicle. It’s kind of like you eating your fruits and veggies. Your body’s not going to be very happy with fried foods every day.

Salt Lake City and Sandy Oil Change | Emission Time 

Likewise, you need to dispose of outdated products in a timely manner. At Emission Time, we offer a wide range of products from Synthetic-blend to high viscosity and even full synthetic oil. As part of every oil change, we undertake a 40-point inspection to analyze the brake and power steering fluids, engine air filter, windshield washer fluid and a host of other points. This is more than an oil change. This is the tune-up your car needs to ensure you and your passengers are as safe and comfortable as possible.

However, just because we have a 40-point checklist doesn’t mean you’ll be spending all day with us. We mix efficiency with skill to get you back on the road quickly. Not sure what type of oil is best? That’s okay. Our mechanics will work with you to explain the differences and what type of oil works best for your individual vehicle, but you’re in total control of the oil selection at the end. We care about providing you with the best service and products, not making a bigger sale.

Oil Changes | Our oil change includes a new filter

Many of our Salt Lake City and Sandy neighbors avoid oil changes because they take a long time, they feel pressured to upgrade the oil or add on other services, or they drive by oil change shops with lines around the block. You won’t find any of that here. We’ve been changing oil in this area for over 10 years and have it down to an art. We know that great business stems from great work and relationships—not pestering you to buy the oil that’s $2 more expensive just to earn eight extra quarters.