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Brake Repair Salt Lake City and Sandy, Utah  Free Brake Inspection

Have you been braking bad? Do you need brake repair? Brake pads can wear out without you noticing. It’s kind of like putting on that holiday weight. You don’t really notice it since it’s a slow process and you see it every day. However, if it’s been awhile since you got new brake shoes or pads, or your vehicle isn’t stopping as promptly as you’d like, it might be time to get your brakes repaired. Don’t have the cash to spare? No problem—at Emission Time, we offer 100 percent free brake inspections with zero pressure.

Our experts are all about transparency. We’ll take apart your brakes, welcome you into our shop and let you see exactly your brake’s condition. Sometimes, our customers are good to go for many more miles. Other times, it doesn’t take an expert to see that the brakes are on their last leg. No matter where your brakes fall on the spectrum, our mechanics will clearly explain if you need new brakes or not (and why).

Free Brake Inspection | Emission Time Brake Repair

As a local business, Emission Time has been keeping South Salt Lake and Sandy residents safe and squeak-free for a decade. We respect our neighbors and want to keep our community secure. That’s why we don’t offer a lifetime warranty on brakes (and you shouldn’t trust anyone who does). Smartphones make it easy to compare prices and promises with the slide of a finger, but be wary of any business that offers a lifetime warranty on brake pads. Your pads might last longer or shorter depending on how you drive, road conditions and your vehicle, but all brake pads will eventually wear out. That’s like promising a lifetime warranty on a pair of underwear.

Some companies do this as a gimmick to get customers to pay more for the cheaper brake pads. That’s not where the money is made—it’s made with the labor portion. Just because you can get a new, “free†brake pad when those lifetime guaranteed ones wear out doesn’t mean the labor is free. Even worse, cheap pads can destroy your rotor, making the price climb even higher. It’s a pretty sweet setup for some not so honest companies, but at Emission Time we’re honest. We’re not going to promise you what we can’t deliver.

How do I know when to get my brake pads changed?

 It is recommended to get your brake pads checked every 12,000 miles or 12 months. However, driving styles and conditions can impact the wear and tear on brake pads. If you drive on steep inclines such as the Avenues or Park City, you may need to get your brakes changed more frequently. Stop and go traffic can also wear down your brake pads. For more information on brake pads, visit Allstate.