8 Common Mistakes When Using An Impact Wrench

Must Avoid: 8 Common Mistakes When Using An Impact Wrench

Make DIY projects and automotive care simple by using an impact wrench. An impact wrench is the best solution for use in tight angles where there is no space left to apply the required amount of torque easily. Plus, It is a pneumatic device that helps in providing sufficient torque to loosen the nuts in the best possible way with minimal exertion.

There are various types of wrenches available in the market ranging from manual to automatic, you can visit wrenchguides for more info. But safety precautions are there which one should consider while using it. For smooth operations, one must avoid the following mistakes.

Practical Mistakes:

  1. Not meant for tightening purposes:

Impact wrench helps speed up the process of loosening or removing the nuts/ bolts, whereas a torque wrench is meant for tightening the fixings. Most people are not aware of this fact.

They use the former mentioned product for making the nuts tight, which leads to the situation of over-tightening and can cause severe damages. Excessive tight wheel nuts may cause brake rotors. This problem is, most of the time, caused by inexperienced users who stretch or strip the threads to ensure the tightening level of nut or bolt.

  1. Avoid cross threading:

Cross threading refers to the situation when the threads of a nut or bolt shift somewhere else from the center position. This can commonly occur while working with metal or aluminium fixings. In this situation, if one makes use of this wrench product, it leads to damaging threads. Thus, it will cause significant damage which cannot be repairable. To overcome this risk, try to thread the bolt manually with your hands.

  1. Choose comparable socket/ drill bits:

It is important to choose a socket or drill bit which is adequately similar to the air wrench in every aspect. Sockets with different outlets are available for this wrench. Most people make use of regular or ordinary sockets.

These are not meant to bear the cyclic load and thus wear off within no time. With overuse, they become oversized and cause slips. Sockets, which are specifically used with an impact wrench have a grip across the flats. Their heavy duty nature prevents them from any wear, damage or falls.

Physical Mistakes:


  1. Wrench Size:

 While selecting the size of wrench, one should keep specific factors in mind such as:

  • Nature of the job
  • Torque rating
  • Torque application
  • Size of fittings
  • Tenure of usage

 Remember Torque rating > Actual torque needed.

Such considerations help you in selecting the right size. The wrong size wrench would not correctly perform the operations. If it is too small, then it cannot fit adequately whereas a bigger one exerts more pressure than required. For home use, one can opt for an electric wrench.

  1. Wrench Type:

Nowadays, there are various types of gun wrenches available in the market, and you have to choose among the vast array of options. You have to make the best choice as per your need. Here are some examples:

  • Hydraulics work best for manufacturing or construction sites.
  • Cordless tools are ideal, but expensive.
  • Air wrenches are suitable for garage workers and mechanics.
  • Electric wrenches are perfect for home repairs.

Each category has its pros & cons. So, one must consider some of the factors while choosing its type such as battery life, warranty, torque limiter, etc.

General Mistakes:

  1. Prepare your work environment:

First, clean and declutter your work surroundings. Secondly dress properly with gloves, safety glasses, and a cap. Well, these are the general safety measure that one should keep in mind while working with any tool. But this wrench equipment demands special care.

  1. Operate it with due care:

One should make particular attention while operating with this wrench. Thoroughly inspect the equipment that it is free from any cracks or breakage to prevent damage. Maintain a firm grip on the tool and apply the required force only. Avoid operating it in excessive cold or wet situations as there is a chance of getting electric shocks.

  1. Unplug as soon as you complete the task:

This is an essential measure that one should know. Always unplug the wrench after completion your work. If you have no other operation, then unplug it and store in the toolkit properly. Changing of sockets with the plugged equipment is dangerous and can cause injury.

Conclusion :

Finally, we would say that ‘Be Conscious and Be Alert’ while using an impact wrench.

Thus, it will not cause damage to you as well to the vehicle or any other object on which you are working. It is not a product that only professionals can use, but a layman or amateur can also operate it but with due care.


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