Extend the Life of Your Brake Pads

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If you want your brake pads to last longer, you’re in luck. Brakes wear out and require replacement based almost entirely on which type you choose and how you use them. Some drivers burn through pads in 15,000 miles, while others, especially if they select good replacements, can make their brakes last up to 90,000 miles. Optimal results require regular system maintenance and good driving habits. Read on for some valuable advice for choosing the right replacement components and making them last. Remember, when it comes to your car’s brake system, your safety behind the wheel always comes first!

How Often Should You Replace Brake Pads?

The true answer to this questions is, it depends. Your car’s manufacturer will recommend a specific interval for replacement, but that number is based on the average of a large sample population. The original manufacturer’s brake pads are more expensive to purchase, but they almost always wear out more slowly. Pad life will also vary based on composition. You may be confused when your mechanic asks what type of pads you want installed. Options include semi-metallic, ceramic, non-asbestos organic and low-metallic non-asbestos organic pads. The differences can be confusing, and the right choice for you depends on your driving patterns. Your mechanic can recommend the right type based on your needs, but beware of the low-cost “bargain†options. You’ll be back for a replacement set before you know it.

Driving Habits to Extend Brake Pad Life

Speed is the mortal enemy of your car’s braking system. Braking from 65 mph is almost twice as hard on the system as is stopping from a speed of 55 mph. Riding the brakes and last-minute or emergency braking is truly brutal. Focus on making long, gradual stops with decreasing speed. Keeping your brake fluid full and fresh is also important, which means having the system flushed periodically. Finally, have your brakes inspected regularly. Many reputable shops will provide a free inspection. When you’re advised to service or to replace the pads, don’t procrastinate. You can cause further damage to other critical system components.

When it’s Time for New Brakes

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