Guide to the Most Essential Automotive Tools

 Automotive tools are essential to repair a vehicle. From the ratchet extender to the spark plug pliers and torque wrench- these are some of the must-have automotive tools in a mechanic’s toolbox. With the help of these tools, it is possible to complete all kinds of repairs on a vehicle effectively and comfortably. We will discuss some essential automotive tools which are the most important in automotive industry. We highly recommend to check some other tools that are used in the automotive industry on

Here is a list of the must-have automotive tools.

  • Ratchet Extender: To gain access to the tight places you need to use the ratchet extender. You need to slap the socket at one end of your extension tool and attach the ratchet to another end. The next step is to tighten or loosen the inaccessible bolt. You can get the extension tools for the ¼ inches and 3/8 inches drive ratchets or sockets.A clock with the words fast service on it.


  • Needle Scaler: The needle scaler is available with 1/8 inches nineteen needles that are used for hammering off dirt, rust or scale at a speed of 4600 blows every minute. You need to move the air tool’s adjustment collar backward or forward for varying the coverage area and the needle force. This air tool is available with a chisel attachment and a needle-set. It can effectively be used for knocking off old paint or rust from a vehicle.


  • Nut Splitter: A nut splitter is an essential tool that is used for cracking ineffective nuts and thereby saving the stem or bolt threads from any damage. All you need to do is put the ring on a nut and drive it into it until it is removed. This useful tool would be available in the online stores that sell spare parts of vehicles.


  • High-Torque Pneumatic Wrench: Instead of investing in an inexpensive ordinary impact wrench, it is wise to shell out a bit more for buying an effective torque wrench. These wrenches offer twice the ‘torque’ as compared to the ordinary wrenches and are highly effective to be used on the rusted bolts.


  • Bent-Handle Flex-Ratchet: You may have difficulty reaching tight places and working effectively with the help of either an ordinary or long ratchet. The ordinary ratchets being small, you need to apply more force while using them and the longer ratchets do not fit properly under the vehicle’s hood. The flexible head bent-angle ratchet helps in reaching the inaccessible places and offers the leverage required for breaking the bolts. It is available with a cushioned grip for added comfort. The bent handle of the tool gives the user extra leverage.A clock with the words fast service on it.


  • Spark Plug Pliers: It is not advised to hold the plug wires with ordinary pliers as that can damage the vehicle’s boot. Instead, the ‘spark plug’ boot pliers with padded jaws must be used for the purpose. This tool helps in getting hold of the boot without damaging it. You need to slip it on the topmost part of the vehicle boot near to the plug wire and then clamp it down. By doing so, you would apply force to metal clip within the boot. The next step is to twist and then pull.

These are some of the essential tools all mechanics and vehicle repair centers should possess for effectively carrying out the repair of any fault in a vehicle.