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Why are oil changes important?

Oil changes regulate engine temperature, remove impurities and prevent metal to metal contact. The result is a better performing engine. In addition, oil changes are preventative maintenance that extends the life of your vehicle by keeping the engine clean.

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What is the difference between new and old oil?

It’ time for an oil change if you notice debris in your oil. Your engine’s oil should be clear and be fluid. If the oil consistency is too thick and similar to mud, you will not only need an oil change but an engine flush. The color of oil indicates its oxidation level. The quality of your car’s engine oil is indicated by color. Most new engine oils are originally amber in color. If the engine oil is dark in color in conjunction with a thicker consistency, that could be due to contamination. Keep in mind that some additives create a darker color. If your vehicle’s engine oil is lighter than amber, it could be due to adulteration with a water source.

Oil Change Coupons | Salt Lake City 10-minute oil change

Compared to costly engine repairs, Emission Time has oil change coupons and low prices. Emission Time’s synthetic oil helps regulate vehicle temperature in Utah’s extreme climate. Whether you own a Honda, Mercedes, Subaru or diesel, Emission Time offers customized oil changes, too. Just ask your technician. Visit an Emission Time near you for the best express quick lane oil change! For $24.99, Emission Time offers synthetic oil change with a new filter.  

Emission Time is the best place to get an oil change. Emission Time has two oil change stations near you in Salt Lake City and Sandy, Utah:

Sandy Utah Oil Change Station 

Salt Lake City Oil Change Station