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Tips to Pass Safety Inspection and Emissions Testing on the First Try

It’s the most “wonderful†time of the year. . . time, that is, for your car’s safety inspection and emissions testing. Depending on where you live, the procedure may be quick and simple, or it may be onerous. Either way, passing a vehicle safety inspection doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process.

The Importance of Regular MaintenanceA clock with the words fast service on it.

For those states with a high degree of rigor in their safety inspection process, having regular maintenance on your car is the one way you can expect to pass each year. With regard to emissions testing, passing the tests is getting harder each year as environmental standards tighten. Newer vehicles are manufactured with a high degree of emission control equipment, but even cars that are just a few years old require maintenance to ensure they stay within accepted levels of emission. Besides, it’s not just your safety inspection at stake here. The ongoing health of the environment and each other depends on all of us keeping your cars in good working order to lower the level of dangerous emissions we produce.

How to Prepare For the Test

The most important step you can take to prepare to pass your safety inspection is to understand exactly what your state will be testing when you take your vehicle in. Your state’s public safety or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will generally offer a checklist of items to be inspected as well as the minimum standards your car will have to demonstrate to receive your registration sticker. And, just like freshman algebra, once you know what’s on the test, you’ll know what to study for. Check with a certified auto emissions testing professional like Emission Time to verify that your car will pass every segment of the inspection. A repair professional can quickly and accurately correct any potential problems, meaning you should only have to go through the inspection process once.

If You Fail Emissions, Do This Next

Chances are, if you have failed your safety inspection or emissions test, you did not seek out the services of an automotive safety inspection specialist before taking the test. Find a good one now. Most states allow you a free re-take within a reasonable amount of time, but you will get just one chance, so don’t blow it. Obtaining your emissions thumbs up doesn’t have to be a headache. Find a professional to help make the process easier and you will save time, money, and headaches.