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Top Car Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

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Cars, like any other machine, require maintenance and proper care to function effectively for an extended amount of time. Any driver who wishes to keep his car running for a long time has to put in the time for the maintenance of the car and use it responsibly. Reading this article can be very helpful for such drivers. Here are some smart and neat tips that you can use to get the most out of your car and make it run as long as possible.

Keep logs of the performance of the car

Keeping a log about your car can be very helpful in tracking its performance. You can write down stuff like how much fuel you put in the car and the distance it travelled in that amount of fuel. This can help you calculate the efficiency and mileage of the car, and you can compare different gas stations and figure out which brand provides the best mileage.

You should also keep logs of how often you change the engine oil and brake fluids. Using these logs you can find out about the regular maintenance schedule and other changes that are affecting the performance of the car.

Make a rigid maintenance schedule for your car and stick to it

A rigid maintenance schedule is essential to the long life of any car. You should do basic maintenance checkups daily and take the car to the mechanic for a routine checkup at least once a month. You should check the water levels and engine oil of the car on a regular basis. Whenever you hear a weird sound coming from the car, don’t delay the visit to the mechanic. You should fix small issues instantly before they can turn into larger, more damaging and more expensive issues.

Change the engine oil frequently

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It is very important for the proper maintenance, functioning and protection of the car as well as the driver that the engine oil and other fluids of the car are checked and changed regularly and frequently. The engine oil should be changed every month to extend the life of the engine, and you should also change the brake and transmission fluids regularly to keep yourself safe from accidents and avoid wear and tear in the car. The water in the carburetor of the car should also be filled up frequently to avoid the car from getting too warm.

 Clean the car regularly

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Regular cleaning is also very important in extending the life of the car’s paint and interior. Many people focus too much on the performance of the car that they forget about its appearance. So you should use paint friendly cleaning products and other high-quality cleaning accessories that you can find at websites like Carifex. So, start driving smarter today with Carifex.

 Get good quality gas for your car

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Low-quality gas can mean the slow death of your car, it is terrible for the engine, and it usually has a lot of dirt and impurities that can damage the engine. So get your gas from a reputable gas station where the pump filters are changed frequently to keep out impurities, and the fuel is not watered down.