What is On the Spot Renewal?

On the Spot Renewal | Utah’s DMV Registration Program

DMV inspection Station

We have two DMV inspection stations: Sandy and Salt Lake City

On the Spot Renewal is a program issued by Utah Division of Motor Vehicles. The program allows emission and inspection stations to issue full DMV renewals as well as 15-day temporary permits. Once your vehicle passes the Safety Inspection and Emission Test, you can complete your annual vehicle registration renewal and receive your new license plate stickers at Emission Time.

Did you fail your emission & safety inspection?

If you failed your inspection, you do have options. Salt Lake County offers a Vehicle Repair Assistance Program to qualifying low-income residents. To get started with the application, please visit Salt Lake County Vehicle Repair Assistance Program.  Visit the above site to also find out if your vehicle is under an emission warranty or if you can waive your repairs.